About Dr Paul Bannan

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mr paul bannan

Mr Bannan inserts the first CERTAS® PLUS Shunt valve in Australia. Mount Hospital, August 2015.


Mr Paul Bannan is an Australian trained Neurosurgeon in private practice in Perth, specialising in the areas of Spine and Cranial surgery.

Following the completion of his fellowship in 1991, he began his journey as a well respected consultant in Neurosurgery. In his years of practice he has contributed significantly in his field. In the early years he held a position as senior lecturer of Neurosurgery in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2000 he was appointed Head of Department at Royal Perth Hospital’s Neurosurgery department. Dr Bannan has also co-authored publications in clinical research.

Mr Bannan has extensive experience in treating complex disorders involving the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine using anterior, lateral, oblique and posterior techniques. He is at the forefront in his field for keeping up with medical technology and adopting innovative techniques, which has allowed him to treat many patients using minimally invasive approaches. When successfully completed, minimally invasive techniques have offered patients the ability of faster recovery time and optimal treatment outcomes. His expertise also extends to a range of brain disorders that require surgical intervention including tumours.  

Outside of work Mr Bannan enjoys spending time with family, including his wife and three sons. In his spare time his hobbies include golf, cycling, classical music, reading and war history. He likes to travel and enjoys cultural experiences.